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Erena Solutions is managed and guided by a retired development economist who worked for an international development organization for two decades. The Principal has extensive development experience in Mongolia; and in project investment / management, and getting results on the ground, capacity building, policy design and project implementation.

Executive Director

Has 30 years work experience in Mongolia, in fields such as management, capacity building , monitoring, evaluation, reporting, proposal writing, research, training, liaison with bilateral,  multilateral agencies, government agencies and community groups. Has field experience working with projects funded  funded by agencies such as World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, CHF International, Open Society Forum (Soros Foundation), The AusAID, Australian Embassy, British Embassy in Mongolia, XacBank, Swiss Development Corportation and Local and Provincial Governments.

Substantial work was done by the Executive Director in the Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) research in Mongolia for better donor coordination and jump start the TVET policy reforms together with the German Mongolian Institute of Technology. 

An international consulting company involved in tourism-related projects and business consulting based in Mongolia.
  1. We work towards a mutually understanding concept to promote tourism-related projects and activities in Malaysia and Mongolia. This includes liaising with the respective governments for approvals, organizing events, roadshows, exhibitions, and logistic support. Areas of tourism cooperation in Mongolia include medical and health tourism, MICE, Edu-tourism, leisure tourism, Food fairs, travel exhibition whilst in Malaysia; and summer and winter tourism.
Sustainable Social Development

The Principle for achieving sustainable social development through the Crew Ship Industry employment is as follows:

  • Human development is the core measure of development
  • Introducing a labour market system that values Mongolian worker’s labour based on productivity
  • Ensuring gender equality in social development and creating a pleasant environment for equal participation
  • Supporting employment, training the younger generation with proper knowledge and skills to have decent work and run a credible business, and reducing unemployment.
  • Erena Solutions partners are already involved with the deployment of people to International Cruise Lines, Aviation, and Hospitality Industries.   


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